My Story

The Journey of Peaceful Healing

I began my healing journey in 2016. After teaching in public schools for 13 years, I wanted a change; I wanted to become an Yoga Instructor.  This decision was difficult to make, as I had to work full time while going to school because I am a single momma of two beautiful girls.  Change can be so scary because the end is not always visible, but the journey is what makes it worth all the work. Luckily, I have family and friends for support to make sure that my little tribe did not suffer during my quest to better our lives.  I had been practicing Yoga for years and had never heard of Energy Work.  The physical benefits of Yoga were always obvious, but I had no idea how powerful the practice with breath and intention can heal a person from the inside out.  I immediately gravitated toward Energy Work because I could FEEL what was happening, not only when I was on the table, but when I worked on others.  Since I've been in my 800 Yoga Therapy Program at Southwest Institute for Healing Arts, our life is calmer and more enjoyable; the power of the breath is a beautiful thing (especially when life happens).  I have truly learned to live in the present moment.  Yoga is not just a practice, it is a way of life.

I believe in the process.  Anything can be achieved, and can continue to get better by practicing the process.  I have learned and practiced teaching, mothering, breathing and pushing my body.  Everyday allows me to refine myself in my profession and personal life.  After surviving an abusive relationship, I am still learning the process of being both a mother and a father to my girls.  I make mistakes and sometimes feel like I am not doing anything correct.  If I never did anything wrong, it would be difficult to feel when I do things the right way.  The process of breathing used to just be a way to calm myself down, now it's a way to set my intention; the process of setting up what kind of situation or day I want to have.  Awareness of my body allows me to appreciate the process of pushing myself to my edge, but not past.  I can finally say that I am comfortable in this beautiful container that I call a body, and know that yoga has transformed me from the inside out.



Tempe, AZ, USA

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